Green Cola is a natural profile product, that combines a great taste with natural ingredients, like sweeteners from stevia plant, natural caffeine from green coffee beans, with zero aspartame, zero phosphoric acid, zero sugar, zero preservatives and zero calories.

Green Cola is the innovator in the cola soft drink category! No such product us Green Cola existed in the category before. A unique cola of the highest quality for those who enjoy the contemporary way of life, avoiding soft drinks that contain sugar, but who demand a delicious cola taste.


Stevia (which has the botanical name Stevia rebaudiana) is a plant species cultivated in many regions of the world, particularly in China, Paraguay and Brazil. Stevia’s leaves contain a natural sweetener with zero calorific value, which is 150-200 times sweeter than sugar.

Stevia’s benefits have been known for centuries to the indigenous peoples of South America, who used its leaves as a sweetener in various beverages. Today stevia’s usage is becoming increasingly popular in foods and beverages such as tea and soft drinks being the healthy alternative to sugar – which contains carbohydrates and 4 calories per gm – whereas Stevia has no calories despite the level of consumption.

  • Sweetener from stevia plant presents the following benefits:
  • it aids digestion and gastrointestinal functions,
  • it improves concentration and helps fight fatigue,
  • it is an option for people who want to reduce or maintain their weight,
  • it has zero impact on the glycaemic index (G.I.) and the glycaemic load (G.L.), making Stevia suitable for people with diabetes, since it contains no carbohydrates and does not affect blood glucose.


Green coffee beans are unroasted beans.
When coffee beans are roasted, the natural ingredient chlorogenic acid is reduced. The fact that chlorogenic acid remains in the green coffee beans, is extremely beneficial for the human body, since:

  • it helps weight loss, boosting the metabolism and fat burning,
  • it helps prevent diabetes and heart disease,
  • it regulates blood sugar levels,
  • it helps liver protection,
  • it eases pain and helps faster recovery and anti-microbial action.


Many soft drinks, particularly colas, contain phosphorus in the form of phosphoric acid.

Phosphorus exists in the human body and, like calcium, is important for healthy bones. Phosphoric acid is found in food and is essential for the proper maintenance and growth of healthy bones and other tissues.

As phosphorus is found in many foods there is very rarely deficient in our body’s. On the contrary, excessive use of phosphorus prevents the body’s absorption of calcium, which is directly associated with maintenance of the bones. For this reason it is advisable the balanced use of phosphorus in order to avoid possible complications in the body.

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